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Leveraging culture, creatively, through community-based business ventures.

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Meet Deborah & Coley

Our story begins…

Deborah, a New Yorker well known in the world of Wall Street and workouts, comes from generations of missionaries and milked cows and pitched hay as a child.

Coley, a celebrated Mississippi cotton farmer from tiny Coffeeville, is as comfortable in the corporate boardroom as he is in the cotton gin. He loves to fly, and wherever he goes, people ask him for directions. He just knows.

Leaders individually, together they are a serious force to be reckoned with. They make change work, and they laugh a lot



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Grenada, Mississippi

Downtown Turnaround

Why We Love Grenada!

Grenada is an irresistible investment for both Coley and I.  Not only does it have a huge number of assets, many under-appreciated, but it is desperately in need to move forward. Be it healthcare, discouraging crime statistics, or consistently dropping income levels, the needs in our own backyard are great.

While the scale of ┬árestoring Grenada’s lovely downtown is human sized, we see the possibility to make a huge difference with comparatively little capital.

We believe that by developing and fostering community based business ventures in Grenada, we are improving much more than our own downtown. Prevail is investing in an IDEA with a much larger picture. Through careful data and analysis, we believe these studies to be capable of bringing change to smalltowns nationwide.

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Change that Matters

Special Projects

Engagements Bridal

I did not know Bethany McRee from Adam when she reached out about 3 years ago wanting to talk about moving her successful business downtown. I was excited but worried on her behalf, saying it was too early to rely on foot traffic for custom. She laughed and set me straight about her business, Engagements … Read More about Engagements Bridal

Grenada Community Foundation

The thought process behind forming Grenada Community Foundation (www.GrenadaCF.org) was a good one, but with no natural source of funds and little understanding in the community of what such an entity was for, and why they should support it, it was a tough road to make Grenada Community Foundation useful. The idea was to create … Read More about Grenada Community Foundation

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